"How does it feel to be the play?"

Arianna recorded many videos spanning her musical life. You can find most of them on her Youtube channel, just go to the bottom of this website and click on the Youtube icon. Find below a selection including some interesting gems. Please notice that chronological order is very difficult to set, essentially because everything happened at warp speed and various… events happened on the very same day!

E' festa (PFM)

In April 2021 Arianna had the pleasure of starting to collaborate with Liuteria Biarnel. The first instrument she endorsed is this Iter 5c which was brought on tour by Patrick Djivas (PFM). It was the most natural thing in the world to celebrate this event by playing the most iconic tune of the “Premiata”: “E ‘Festa (Celebration)”

Luminol (Steven Wilson)

This is Luminol, from the 2013 The Raven That Refused To Sing Steven Wilson’s album. I always wanted to cover it because is a nice and powerful tune with a lot of space for the bass. I think I may end up bringing it on stage with Floating Minds. This video has been shot on 2021, January 28th and I also took the chance to test drive a pedal that I had my friend Adriano Cilenti of Seven Pedals designed and built for me. It is supposed to be named from the Jethro Tull Album whose cover you can see painted on the pedal, but it is way too long (haha). The pedal is some kind of vintage overdrive that uses different diodes – silicon or LED –  to get different distortion colors. Check it out on the video!

Dangerous Veils (Jethro Tull)

Arianna was so lucky to be publicly mentioned by Steve Bailey, one of the most influential bass players in the business, now longtime chair at the Berklee College of Music. It all started because Ian Anderson sent him a recommendation email about Arianna. He then suggested she could record the song named “Dangerous Veils”, from the Root To Branches album. Steve Bailey happened to play bass in that album on that track (smart move Mr.Anderson!). The song features a nice walking bass section and a vamp out. No need, to say this brought Mr.Bailey some sweet memories of his past with Jethro Tull. It also showcased some of Arianna’s technical skills. The Facebook post where Steve Bailey spent flattering words on Arianna can still be found on the Bass Department Facebook page of Berklee College of Music.

Wicked Windows (Jethro Tull) - feat. Ian Anderson

Arianna started exchanging emails with Ian Anderson until she dared to ask Ian to “record something together”. She was really surprised when Ian Anderson accepted to sing and play the flute on a “deep cut” from the Dot.com album, called Wicked Windows. Sergio Ponti easily dragged some friends in the project – wait for the credits at the end of the video – and here’s the result. Arianna now proudly stands on the Jethro Tull website.

So Much I (RHCP)

From time to time I play (and sing, like in this case) the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I learned a lot watching Flea and I am so lucky to have some friends that share with me the love for that band. I am in this video with Matteo Morini, my mate in the Floating Minds, a fine drum player, my rhythmic section twin, and Paolo Liber on guitar, a friend of mine with a true love for John Frusciante.