"How does it feel to be the play?"

Where I come from

I still have fun playing with my parents and we are lucky because we have the same musical taste. This brought us together as a family and made me more and more confident on stage. They’re my number one fans and follow me wherever I go.

I was born in Rome, on 2004, January 4th and I live there with my family, which is responsible for the huge amount of music I listened to, but also for the quality of it. I have been immersed in great music since I was In mummy’s belly.

In fact, even before I was born I attended several live concerts, and one was Jethro Tull’s, in 2003.  I also remember I would sit on my father’s lap during soundchecks with his band. I loved those backstage moments! 

Music and I

I never listened to such things as children’s music and nobody in my home ever had the slightest idea to start gently from simple melodies. I grew up in a home where all music was allowed, as long as it was good. I studied piano for a couple of years then, when I turned 9 or 10 I grabbed a (well, maybe even less than) 100€ bass guitar that was sitting somewhere in the house. It was not what you may think of as a young girl’s instrument, but that was probably the reason why I felt I had to make it my instrument. I learned to recognize different music genres and languages by instinct so, as soon as I could take initiative, I went straight for Progressive Rock. I enjoyed an early and intense music education. I have been flooded with Prog Rock, and listened to and learned to play a lot of Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Kansas, Yes, PFM, etc. I am a lot into Dream Theater, now.

What I do

I sing and play the bass with my band, Floating Minds. We are quite young, so we managed to catch some spots opening for local bands in some pubs and venues in our area. Eventually, we got our first proper gigs and we could start to record some live performances. Most of them are currently available on the Floating Minds Official social pages (Instagram and Facebook).

In December 2019 I flew to Boston MA to study at a local American high school for a semester. I grabbed this chance to sneak into the Berklee College of Music , gather some first-hand information on summer courses and admission procedures, and jam with some age-peer musicians.

In March 2020, due to the Covid outburst, I had to come back to Italy FAST and during the lockdown, I decided to devote my “forced indoor time” recording covers of iconic songs I loved. To make a long story short (and I can guarantee that I would LOVE to make it long!) one of my Jethro Tull covers reached Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). He commented with nice words under my videos, then challenged me to play some more and… I did it. The bass line in one of those performances, “Dangerous Veils”, was written and performed by Steve Bailey, chair of the Bass Department at the Berklee College together with Victor Wooten. Mr.Bailey had been Tull’s bassist for the “Roots To Branches” album. Anderson introducing me to Bailey was a major achievement in my musical life. Two great musicians, absolute myths, such an inspiration for me! And check this out!

What I am up to

In 2020, my band, Floating Minds, published “Little Bird (Fly Away)”, our first single on Spotify. I wrote the song together with my bandmate, Gabriele Catania, who plays the keyboards in the band. 

Floating Minds is a 4-piece band featuring myself on lead vocals and bass, the above mentioned Gabriele Catania on keyboards (a lot of them, actually), Francesco Ciancio on the electric guitar and Matteo Morini on drums.

The limitations related to the Covid pandemic allowed us just a couple of gigs in the past months, so we had plenty of time to write new music. We are ready to record our first 6-track demo in December 2020 with the producer Fabio Lanciotti.