"How does it feel to be the play?"

Welcome Ephemeral!

So long Floating Minds, welcome Ephemeral! We took some time to think about it and decided that it was time to give a new name

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The Berklee Recital Hall

Live @Berklee, at last!

I will be on stage tonight, at 1 PM CEST, at the Berklee Recital Hall with Patient Zero, the Rock Workshop band directed by the teacher

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Hey, I made the news!

Well, now that’s huge! It seems that I made the news. Thanks to the victory of Maneskin (cheers guys!) at the Eurovision Song Contest it

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My Biarnel Iter 5c

Here is a short demo of this magnificent bass build by Emiliano Nencioni of Biarnel Liuteria. It features a brief explanation on this instrument and

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